A gift voucher can be taken in different values.
If you have selected a gift voucher at an order or
possibly as a loose sale, you will receive after payment by e-mail
a PDF file, which contains the amount, the required code and
the date of exchange in the webshop is possible.
An issued gift card with value can be exchange until 3 months after purchase.
The gift voucher can only be xchange at our webshop

The received code must be placed in the field on the second page of an order.
Pay attention! The code is case sensitive and can only be used once.
Did you enter the code and try your order for some reason unknown,
please try not a second time to enter the code again. The webshop will twice the
same entry does not accept and indicates "Code already used"
Then contact us by email so that we can activate the code again.

The value of the gift voucher may not exceed the value of the order.