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Indian Gold is a high-quality hair extension and volume system that uses 100% natural human hair stemming from India.
Indian Gold hair is made of the highest quality, 100% human hair stemming from India. The hair is specially selected by the factory
and only triple-A hair is eligible for being made into one of our hair extensions.
The hair is decolorized naturally using a patented system; no harmful or chemical substances are used during this process.
To create blond hair, the color is removed from the naturally dark hair in a very careful, gentle manner over a period of three weeks.
Thanks to this, even blond hair retains its strength and vitality without the outer cuticle layer and the cortex of the hair being damaged.
This is reflected in the beautiful, rich blond colors that will not turn grey or dull.
Transformation of the hair is also done gently without any addition of harmful or chemical substances. Indian hair has a natural and beautiful
waviness at the ends just like our Body Wavy. Indian Gold uses its own hot steam method to allow the hair to curl more or make it straighter.
This method ensures that the hair can be transformed into a different texture without permanent liquid and that the cuticle layer and the
cortex of the hair are not damaged in the process.
Indian Gold hair is remy sorted. This means that the hair cuticles all point in the same directions so that they cannot get entangled in each other.
As mentioned above, the factory selects the hair. Only raw hair is bought for processing which is bundled as a whole in the form of a ponytail
that has been cut off. This way the factory knows that the hair is remy sorted and that the hair is not mixed with other, loose hairs whose
cuticle layer may be pointed in the wrong direction.
In addition to remy, our hair is also double drawn sorted. This means that the hair is the same length from roots to ends so that it does not
get straggly and/or jut out. The ends of the hair are pre-cut at the factory in the lower-most 4 cm. The advantage of this is that you immediately
get a beautiful result when you attach the hair and barely have to cut if you don’t wish.
The pre-bonded hair extensions have a strong bond made of high-quality keratin, the same keratin that makes up your own hair. Due to this,
the bond is not harmful to your own hair and will have good adhesive properties. When placed correctly and with good care, you can enjoy
your extensions for a long. In addition, these bonds can be attached using any desired heat connector.