Clip In Fringe Human Hair

This hairpiece is tied to a breathable lace that ensures comfortable wearing. The fringe blends seamless with the natural hairline. Both sides of the bangs contain longer hairpieces that allows for extra integration to the own hair. This hair addition can be styled accordingly with the curling wand, straightener, and blow drier. The Clip-In Fringe contains so called Session Hair. This is a mix of fine and thicker hair that perfectly integrates with the natural hair. Bangs are the perfect solution to create instant, fashionable hairstyles with no upkeep required. This item is available in 13 colours.

Use Balmain Professional Aftercare to validate the unique 6-months guarantee on the hair.

Best for:  The Clip-In Fringe is ideal to experiment with bangs without making permanent changes to the own hairstyle. Use this hairpiece in combination with the Catwalk Ponytail for a fashionable hairstyle.