Yes YOU CAN rapidly increase our salon’s profitability TODAY?
Salon Clients are becoming increasingly more fashion aware, and prepared to move their custom to the salon that gives them the opportunity to better express themselves. Today image conscious clients rightly expect their favourite salon to
always be totally up to date with every major fashion change and able to create versions of each new look tailored to suit them best. To be competitive salons also have to ensure that the services they create are contemporary and modern. Multi purpose products can be the key to greater salon profits - as salon businesses tend to accumulate unused products, which can tie up money and storage space unnecessarily
+ Increased costs - Net income
SO multi-purpose products that are simple to use are the ideal way to increase salon income and... drastically reduce costs!
Today, Lisap’s Research and Development Laboratories have created a SPLASH multi-function colourant cream which guarantees “30 services in a single product!!!”
LISAP SPLASHER Its 6 natural pigments exactly mirror the pure colours in the Oswald Star
1 Recolourant in 6 shades Creates perfectly uniform colours with exceptional permanence. & an increase of 50% in the time colours last compared to the same service performed using classical colorants
(test performed by the Lisap Test Laboratory on a sample of 300 people).
2 Toning product in 6 shades Restores tones and highlights that have been lost as a result of the atmospheric agents and pollutants, which have an extremely aggressive effect on most colorants.
The pure pigments contained in Lisap Splasher provide an exact simulation of the natural melanins in the hair - unlike conventional colorants and also create a wonderful gloss and dependable results
3 Intensifying product in 6 shades Enhances all highlights to perfection. Giving greater luminosity and shine.
4 Perfect as an overlay colour in 6 shades Totally eliminates all unwanted refl ections.
Lisap Splasher completely neutralises natural melanin and/or artifi cial pigments present in the hair, quite unlike the results created using regular decolourants to perform this function.
For example, a minimal orange residue will always remain using a regular decolourant to decolour a red tone, But simply by using Green Lisap Splasher, this unwanted refl ection is completely eliminated!
5 Creates fashion effects in 6 shades For strong special style effects, such as dramatic slices or whole head treatments of strong green, blue, yellow etc. choose Lisap Splasher’s pure pigment colours, freeing you to enhance your creativity and create your customers’ wildest ideas.
LISAP SPLASHER uses 100% ammonia-free technology for maximum versatility and compatibility!
It is very easy to use: exciting the imagination of your salon staff and enabling them to achieve fantastic results!
- Staff cost/earnings ratio
+ Greater staff productivity = + Profits
LISAP SPLASHER simplifies stock management, streamlining administration
- Storage costs + Profits
LISAP SPLASHER 30 services + your creativity = infinite opportunities for profit!