Invisible Clip-On extensions

The Seiseta Invisible Clip-on Hair Extension is:
- 50/55 cm length and 8 cm width
- Completely invisible
- Fast-easy-reusable
- Risk-free color metamorphosis

You can install and remove the system whenever and as often as you like with a few easy and quick steps.
The system is developed and patented by SeiSeta and consists of parallel sections of hair, which make the application absolutely invisible
and provide volume, length and color right from the roots of the hair.
The structure of the system, made of flexible keratin with 3 clips, adapts perfectly to the curves of the head; for easy, comfortable and fast application.

Instantly create a more beautiful and seductive appearance than ever with the innovative "CAPELLI SU CAPELLI" system. Any woman, with
every possible hair length, now has the option to change the color,
change the volume and length of the hair. Changing your appearance and hair color will be easier and faster than ever.
"CAPELLI SU CAPELLI" creates up to 60% more volume in your hair and provides countless nuances with color contrasts and highlights, without the use of chemicals and with a natural result.

Length 50/55 cm. Width 8 cm.


1. Part your hair
2. Open the 3 clips of the products
3. Place the product on the already parted part in your hair and close the clips by pressing them closed with your fingers.
Make sure you have the correct amount of hair in the clips before closing them, this guarantees optimal hold.
4. Now you are done!