7 out of 10 women struggle with their curly or very frizzy hair. It makes it difficult for them to easily manage and maintain their hair, more especially when it is humid or during sudden changes of temperature.
Often this difficulty is not just with curly hair; even normaly straight hair can become frizzy if the hair fibres become out of condition.

Also with dry hair the outer layers tend to open and lift up, beoming more permeable to humidity.

Often the use of low quality and/or excessively aggressive smoothing products actually increases the problem, dehydrating the hair and also making it especially fragile.

Today, a perfect solution has been created to guarantee perfectly smooth hair free from any frizz.
Lisap Ultimate, the exclusive, permanent smoothing treatment provides a ZERO FRIZZ effect with Kerasil Complex, for hair that’s beautifully smooth for longer!
With LISAP ULTIMATE you get a double advantage:
Permanent smoothness along with your choice of volume control for any hair type.


Kerasil Complex, the innovative complex of active ingredients contains:
- Three-dimensional Silicone polymers that restructure damaged hair and increase its tensile strength. They give outstanding condition and shine even after repeated washing.
- Keratin, a protein made up of long chains of amino acids, one of the principal components of hair. Duo to its high sulphur content, it has the capacity to adhere to the external structure of the hair, enhancing its volume, it also compacts the protein fibres.
- Ceramide A2, similar to the ceramide 2 found in the root fibres of the hair, protects the hair during treatment, strengthening its structure, the result stronger and healthier looking hair.

LISAP ULTIMATE guarantees:
  • An improvement of the root fibres
  • Restructuring of the hair and strengthening of the fibres, duo the greater interior cellular cohesion.
  • Deep conditioning and moisturisation, shine and optimal combability
  • Extreme shine even after repeated washing
  • Protection during styling
  • Perfect long-lasting smoothness

LISAP ULTIMATE 2 also to be using for human hairextensions