Man Color

Today’s man no longer conforms to the traditional “macho” stereotype. Today’s world is competitive and continuously evolving, so men have a new freedom of expression that gives them so
many choices to reflect their personality. Most men seek an image that projects their own sense of style and character. Whilst white and greying hair is sometimes associated with elegance,
virility and charm, it can also be an unmistakeable sign of ageing, which is why increasing numbers of men seek to cover or to minimise the appearance of grey.
This is the reason why in recent years the menfs hair colouring market has experienced such a significant growth, now representing around 9% of the total hair colouring market.
To meet this new demand Lisap’s Research and Development Laboratories have developed LISAP MAN COLOR the ideal professional hair colour product for men,
100% ammonia free and formulated specifically for the modern man!
LISAP MAN COLOR: for that extra touch of quality!

LISAP MAN COLOR has 5 natural shades
- mask white hair in 5 minutes for a revitalising effect.
- produce natural results with neutral effects that are neither warm nor cold.
- enhances a natural “salt and pepper” appearance.
- has no re-growth effect, gradually fading after 5-6 weeks.
For a special 0.18-SILVER LIGHT tone that
- gives a shiny salt and pepper effect.
- delicately illuminates white hair.
- With phytoenhancer and ginseng extract, protects and creates an ‘anti-age’ action on hair fibres.
- Ceramide A2 strengthens the hair and makes it smoother.

LISAP MAN COLOR is easy to apply: Mix 1 part LISAP MAN COLOR + 1 part DEVELOPER LISAP MAN in the special dispenser bottle.