LUXURY RUSSIAN VIRGIN Human Hair Extensions.


* 100% exclusive remy assorted Virgin human hair durable quality extensions.
* 100% hair cuticles in the same direction, never tangles or fluff.
* Light in weight, easy to handle and comb, shiny and silky soft.
* Natural drying (no use of fast drying by means of ovens)
* Experienced technicians ensure the best quality and is checked in 3 different departments.
* Processing: Bleaching and dyeing the hair by the latest technology during a process
 of 3-4 weeks to guarantee and guarantee the superior quality. (No mass production)
* Thick tufts (0.8 - 1.0 grams), Virgin natural drawn, which makes them fall naturally.
* Guaranteed long-term preservation with proper care and use of the recommended
 care products.
* Both dark and very light colored hair extensions retain quality and stability.
* More than matched with the exclusive North American and European hair extensions brands.
* The extensions are provided with an Italian flat bond which is easy to melt and guarantees excellent adhesion.

Luxury Virgin Hair extensions are available in:
*40/45 cm. Straight - 0.8 gram pick
*50/55 cm. Straight - 0.8 gram pick
*60/65 cm. Straight - 1.0 gram pick
*50/55 cm. Wavy - 0.8 gram pick

Packaging 25 piece.