Keraplant Nature

Keraplant Nature is the latest innovation from Lisap Milano. Keraplant Nature combines natural ingredients with years of experience of laboratory technicians to provide solutions for scalp and hair problems. The innovation consists of five different treatments with one clear goal: to care for scalp and hair. Keraplant Nature is completely natural and contains no paraben, silicones, sulphates, mineral oils and dyes. The formulas of Keraplant Nature are enriched with active ingredients of natural origin and refined surfactants of vegetable origin. This innovation also contains 100% natural scents.

OUR FORMULAS have been developed according to a modern approach and fully in line with our philosophy:
0% parabens - 0% silicone - 0% sulfates - 0% mineral oils - 0% dyes
Active ingredients of natural origin. Refined surfactants of vegetable origin. 100% natural scents.