VIRGIN GOLD LINE TOP QUALITY Hair Extensions

* 100% virgin (donor) without its prior perms, color and oils
* 100% cuticle in the same direction, never tangles or frizz
* Processing: Bleaching and dyeing of hair by the latest technology using
German manufactured bleacher powder and paint during a 3-4 week process to the superior
quality guarantee and safeguard. (No mass production)
* Air dry (do not use quick-drying using furnaces)
* Experienced technicians ensure the best quality and is controlled by three different departments.
* Thickness (0.8 grams), Virgin Natural drawn, making them fall naturally without trimming.
* Italian hard keratin small flat bonding  6mm * 6mm.
* The hair extensions are provided with an anti-bacterial coating, which dissolves after the first wash.
* Because the VIRGIN hair is the hair extensions you can  decolorization and colors to 3 shades difference.
* Guaranteed quality retention of at least 10 months with proper care and use of the recommended
care products.
* Extensions are not coated, so the cuticle care record straight like your own hair.
* Because these hair extensions are purely natural uncoated they can with almost any after care product
be treated. You can see for yourself what is the best result.
* No coating, so no worries for premature tangle or frizz.
* These VIRGIN hair extensions are sustainable.
* Both the dark and very light colored hair extensions reserves of quality and stability.
* Matched with the exclusive North American and European hair extensions brands.