LK Anti Age

Permanent color with a low ammonia content. Easy to use, provides a perfect gray coverage. The conditioning ingredients such as coconut oil ensures perfect hair condition. LK gives a pretty long with a choice of colors or 117 colors. The choice is yours, a nice natural shade or choose a more fashionable results.

LK 1+2
Additional luminous paint that can light it up to five shades. You can choose from 5 levels of additional clarifying very light blonde to very light pearl blonde more enlightening.

LK 1+2
Permanent color with a low ammonia content. Easy to use, provides a perfect gray coverage with a natural finish. LK gives Claire a beautiful long lasting color with a choice of 6 colors. The / 003 colors combine a beautiful natural color with a golden character. The 5 / 003 t / m 9 / 003 provide a perfect 100% gray coverage. When using the 10/003 will shine a light gray / white hair visible.

LK 1+1
Millennium colors are highly explosive character of color. Fire, Gold, Bronze, Purple, Copper, Mahogany, Tropical Brown, Tropical Red. These paints contain a low percentage of ammonia. Perfect performance on gray hair. The composition includes modern micro color molecules and innovative polymers for a strong impressive and long lasting results with extreme shine.

LK Hi-Red Mix
Specially developed for the Millennium colors to give even longer shelf life and the characters even more intensified.

LK Flash Contrast
The easiest way to bright colorful stripes and partial effects throughout the length and nature of dark colored hair, without informing in advance. LK Flash Contrast light and color the hair, protects and strengthens the structure and is suitable for most trends and color techniques. Makes hair soft, smooth and shiny.

LK Anti-Age
Thanks to the Inova tive active key element "Phyto-Enhancer", the micro-molecular dyes of the LK Anti-agecrème, rather than randomly distribute as done by any other cream coloring, IRECT to ankeerpunten of keratin resulted in over year have decreased so dramatically. "Phyto-Enhancer" gives the best penetration of color, even in her less receptive, creating a perfect grasp of the scales, better hydration, brilliant colors and vibrant at any age be guaranteed!

Can an allergic reaction. Sensitivity test is recommended. Not suitable for dyeing eyelashes and eyebrows. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water. Gloves. PROFESSIONALS.