Anti-Hairloss Treatment

6 x 8 ml ampul

Anti-Hairloss Treatment
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Keraplant Nature Anti-Hairloss Treatment promotes hair growth (cellular metabolism, oxygen injection and microcirculation) and regulates the sebum secretion of the scalp. Contains Trichocomplex that combines sulphopeptides of soy, amino acids (tyrosine, arginine, ornithine, citrulline), aminosaccharides and B vitamins (PP, B5, biotin), zinc salts, extract of Panax Ginseng extract and Extract Arctium Majus. Formula entirely without PARABEN / COLORING MATERIALS. Dermatologically tested.
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User instructions:
Apply to dry hair after the Keraplant Anti-Hairloss Shampoo. Open the bottle and insert the pipette. Divide the content over the scalp, massage to facilitate the absorption of the product. Do not rinse. Continue as usual. PROFESSIONAL USE.


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